Gearing up for a Merry Christmas

It’s November 9th, a little early for Christmas but those of us who have a huge list of people who have been near and dear have a lot of thanking to to do. AKA me, because my goodness have I met so many people this year that I really, really love.

I’ve gone to Baltimore’s Otakon for their 20th year and it was an experience. I hung out with my friends from America and I’m on the fence about making more. I know next year I will be attending Katsucon, Otakon, Otakuthon but not Fan Expo. It was a bit of a bust this year and I may drop one convention to go to “something” overseas.

As for buying for THIS 2013 Christmas year, I picked up two Rillakuma keycovers, a scarf, christmas wrapping paper and 3 sets of 2 character dialogue pins for Jojo’s to share with a friend! Most of it is for me, but I am going to use this as a fujoshi dump page for stuff I buy and they way I be livin’. See ya!

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I never knew I could be an Adult!!!


Picture unrelated, but I’ve just bought my Crunchyroll subscription! I love Crunchyroll as an adult because I ain’t got no god damn ass time between working 55 hours a week a a salary job and cosplaying and convention hopping. Ain’t no one got time for that.

This isn’t like, Crunchyroll didn’t pay me. I paid them and I got swimming anime out of it.

I was motivated by the release of DD Hokuto no Ken. I pretty much bought a subscription because of that anime. If it were not for Crunchyroll, I would not have been able to enjoy those sweet Hokuto subs. Thanks Crunchyroll! *Anime-style jump in the sky.*

March 15, 2013

So I started losing weight and inches off my waist, what my weight doesn’t effect is progress on my cosplay. Because I actually have to sew in order to finish my costumes. LOL

My cosplay line-up are three really “complex” cosplays.

More information later though. Ciao.

Cosplay Weightloss


I’ve already started my weight loss and body toning for my summer of cosplay.

I think that extreme weight loss is really bad so I am starting early. I have half the mind to run the Bordeaux Marathon as well, so I am hoping to train for that as well! Wish me luck!

2013 Convention Scene

Just as an update I will not be attending any conventions this years ASIDE from the major three (or what I deem to be the major three), most due to a large amount of bs that I put up with in verbal and sexual harassment.

I will however be cosplaying a lot of characters from a lot of series and making my own mini-photoshoots to showcase them.

I’d rather have high quality cosplays and photos of myself that help out in photoshoots where people disparage me for trying my best.

You will see me at Anime North and Fan Expo FOR SURE.

Happy 2013, gentlemen and dames!


Happy New Year!

I haven’t been active on this website, but I’ve been active in other places.

I am current working on several games (and a very special dating sim) and I’m still watching anime religiously.

I can’t wait to re-read Kongou Bancho. Speaking of re-reads, I’ve re-read Toriko 5 times from beginning to end. I really love that manga.

I rang in the new year with pink sparkling wine and takoyaki!

Happy 2013, gentlemen and dames!

Kimi wa Petto : Tramps Like Us

I didn’t know where to catalog this: in hot blooded fangirls or real suave dudettes.

I came back to this series yesterday because I couldn’t stop thinking about how badly the main heroine’s ex-boyfriend treated her. Oh man, I hate how Sumire was treated throughout the series by back-stabbing co-workers and just, mean sexism but it hurt to see her bundle it in.

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